Available Plans

We have a plan to suit your needs, from a short access time based plan to a regular monthly plan with up to 2500GB traffic. Connections are paid in advance from the day of the month you purchase access and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at the end of every month.

Time Based Plans

Inspire Daily

$10.00 for 1 day of internet access

Inspire Weekender

$15.00 for 3 day of internet access

Inspire Daily and Inspire Weekender give you the flexibility and convenience of short term access at 5MBit/s Down.

Monthly Plans

Inspire Lite

$27.50 per month for 30 GB traffic

Inspire 100

$37.50 per month for 100 GB traffic

Inspire 500

$65.00 per month for 500 GB traffic

Inspire 1000

$92.50 per month for 1000 GB traffic

Inspire 2500

$112.50 per month for 2.5 TB traffic

Our monthly plans have a data cap which limits your speed, this means if you are close to using all of your data your internet connection will slow down to 3Mbit until the end of your plan date. But you can purchase additional plans to start immediately which will remove this cap.

*Full speed will be up to 30mbit on the inspireprepay Ethernet service (available in Massey Halls of Residence and @TheHub) and will be up to 25mbit on a wireless/WiFi connection (most other locations).

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