Welcome to Student City Users

Over the next few weeks the Student City Internet Service will be changing to Inspireprepay. Your Usernames and Passwords will work on Inspireprepay exactly the same as they would for Student City, and your current plans will remain the same.

This process will begin with the Massey University Campus in Palmerston North and follow with our other Student City Areas over the next few weeks.

New Features

Once you are using the Inspire Prepay Service, you will be able to use two devices at the same time. If you attempt to login with a third device you will be presented with an option to disconnect one of your other devices.

The SSID will be changing from studentcity to inspireprepay. If you can no longer see a studentcity network to connect to, please connect to inspireprepay.

Plan Upgrades

NameOld Data CapNew Data Cap
Inspire Lite10 GBytes20 GBytes
Inspire 8050 GBytes80 GBytes
Inspire 250100 GBytes250 GBytes
Inspire 1000250 GBytes1000 GBytes
Inspire 25001000 GBytes2500 GBytes

Any current plans that you have will have been automatically upgraded.

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